Monday, July 21, 2014

The lighthouse at Seal Rocks

A few years ago, Robin and one of her friends from her University days came up to Seal Rocks. She wanted to come back to show us the light house. Geoff and I also came to Seal Rocks but for some reason or other we did not walk up to the light house.

It's not often that you see Dingo warning signs. They are a real problem on Fraser Island off the coast from Urangan in Queensland.

I suspect this bush-fire was a supervised burning off exercise since the vegetation on the left hand side had not been burned.

First view of the light house. It's about a 500 meter walk from the car park.

Just before the headland are two inlets where the ocean waters rush in. 

The big swells from the storm off shore were producing lots of spray.

Make sure you keep watching the video until the end where spray covers the whole gap.

The chasms.

We finally reached the headland. This is the beach to the south, totally deserted.

The light house keeper's cottages. They can now be rented.

I think this light house is the most elegant I have ever seen.

We climbed up a very steep path to the light house. The wind was ferocious.

Seal Rocks. At one time there was a seal colony here but not now.

Steps going up the side.

The wind got even worse as I mounted the steps. I really had to hang on to the railing so that I would not be blown over.

The bluffs separating the chasms.

I cowered in this doorway to take photos.

The path to a flag pole a few yards north of the light house.

Bent over trees.

Isn't it beautiful. Not very tall, but very elegant.

The cottages. We talked to the lady who was running the rental business and she just loved working up there. Whatever the weather, it was always wonderful.

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