Wednesday, May 13, 2015


With the help of a local from Tatvan, I managed to find my hotel which was down a side street.

Most of my accommodation in Turkey was quite comfortable. This hotel was no exception. All had internet.

I decided to stroll down to the lake and possibly find some nice fish restaurant.

Nice fish restaurants were in short supply. There were some cheap cafes serving tea and snacks but nothing that made me want to enter.

Down town Tatvan. I got the impression that tourists pass through but don't linger.

This young girl emerged from the photographers, obviously primped for the occasion. When I wander through towns, I hold my camera at waist level and take quick unobtrusive snaps with the hope that they turn out. Most don't.

I thought this place looked interesting so I went in much to the surprise of the other diners. The cook at the window motioned for me to pick from one of the two big cooking vessels and I chose this lamb stew. It was delicious and the total meal cost less than $5.

These two blokes asked me to take their photo. Why they do this I have no idea, but here they are on the web and they will never know.

I found a supermarket and bought some more food supplies since I knew it would be the same train going back to Ankara and that there would not be a restaurant car.

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