Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Abhaneri to Agra

I think most of us could have used another night at the Niwas but the Taj Mahal beckoned and we piled into a private van.

Not too long a journey.

The little bus was quite comfortable.

We had now crossed into Uttar Pradesh. The countryside was much more lush than Rajasthan and I suspect the area we traveled through got some rain from the storm overnight.

Note how some of the tree trunks have been protected by circles of bricks.

I wondered if all the rubbish and trash in India was collected in one place and made into a cube, just how big that cube would be. However this is what the cows eat so nothing will change in India.

The hotel in Agra was very nice but its internet connection was poor.

Since Alejandro and I were sharing a room, we had decided that to make things fair, I would always take the right hand bed and he would have the left.

Most of the hotels have been adequate, some even good. A lot depends on which room you are given. Some do better than others.

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