Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 1 - Berlevag

Shortly before 10 pm we came to Berlevag.

Although we could not see them, there are a lot of other ships out there. I presume most of them are fishing vessels. I get these maps from a site that shows where all the ships in the world are located.

The huge fog still looked just as menacing off shore. In the distance you can see a ship which is another of the Hurtigruten ships that sail this route.

Entrance to the outer harbour.

There is also a smaller inner harbour but we were too big a vessel to go in there.

The inner harbour.

Communications tower. The stop is short and passengers are not allowed to disembark.

I took the opportunity to take a photo of the dining area. The Lofoten is unique within the Hurtigruten group in that you are assigned a table for dinner and there is a fixed menu that is delivered by waiters. The main course featured very fresh and large filet of halibut that was perfectly cooked. It was one of the best pieces of fish I have ever eaten.

Our table, number 13. We have two single men from the USA at our table and they have traveled extensively. One of them makes me look like a stay-at-home. Both are easy to talk to and after dinner we invited them to see our cabin. The very well traveled bloke has done the cruise a number of times on the Lofoten and always gets the same cabin at a lower level. It was the first time he had seen the upper level cabins and to put it mildly, he and the other bloke were very jealous. Sometimes money must really be an advantage. Being lucky and getting an upgrade also helps.

The working part of the ship where passengers are not allowed.

I had walked past this polar bear skin a number of times without noticing it.

A rather cold and desolate wharf. Imagine what it is like in Winter when it is dark for the entire day.

We left the harbour.

The other ship, the Spitsbergen which is the newest ship in the fleet. It is a tradition that passengers gather on deck and wave at the other ship.

Video of the Spitsbergen.

We pulled down our beds.

Top bunk.

Your hero is not flexible enough to handle top bunks any more and so I snuggled under my doona. At least that is what I tell Marianne so that she has to climb up into the top bunk. We went to bed about 10:30 pm after an exhilarating day.

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