Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 2 - Oksfjord

About 14:40 the ship arrived at Oksfjord.

After lunch I performed my usual afternoon activity, a nap.

Something changed. We could see trees on the lower sides of the mountains. No leaves of course.

We approached Oksfjord.

We were instructed to stay on the ship because only a short stop was scheduled. However the gang plank was installed.

And a bunch of people got off. Apparently the most convenient mode of transportation to the village of 500 people is the ship. There is one café and one pub. 

It might have been small but it was the most interesting village in the area. When you think about it the location is spectacular, but you wouldn't call these towns and villages 'charming'. 'Utilitarian' is a more appropriate word.

And away we went again.

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