Monday, July 23, 2018

Bicycle Museum in Pittsburgh

After Randyland, I thought nothing could match that, but then we went to the Bicycle Museum.

Larry exercises by riding his bike and occasionally he comes to this area. The relatively plain exterior does not prepare you for the inside.

Inside the entrance and this is just part of it!

The museum has lots of really old bicycles.

Some of the bikes are really rare.

Harley Davidsons. I did not know they made bicycles.

For sale if you want it. The museum is also a bike store and stocks loads of parts for older bicycles.

These were cool.

It's actually quite difficult to get decent photos since there are just so many bicycles. I did a lot of cropping to pick out the items of interest in the midst of the jumble.

This bicycle had a steering wheel.

This had a radio! Notice the spring suspension in the wheels.

The museum mostly has bicycles but here was a motor bike.

These brown seats reminded me of Hershey Kisses.

John Deere also made a bicycle.

Some of you might remember the Monkees.

Tires everywhere.

That is a hisser.

Look at the black bicycle behind the yellow one.

Look how many of these black bicycles were made. I'd never really thought about it before but there had to be loads of people out there designing bicycles and there probably still are.

Beatle bicycles.

Motor powered.

Very rare Bowden bicycles.

Another Yellow Submarine Beatle bicycle. Note the spiffy shoes.

You would have had a very 'Easy Rider' image if you rode one of these.

The pedals were fixed.  Read below.

The Pee-wee Herman bike.

Even a Hopalong Cassidy bike.

Most of the bicycles are American but here was one from the Ukraine.

A curious dark room with luminescent paint.

A real curiosity.

So it was all a bit overwhelming but it was fun to visit. It also gave me an interesting idea for my amplifier building hobby.

Towards the end of our trip to Australia, we will be able to attend the annual 24 hour race in my home town of Maryborough. School students from around the state build a pedal powered vehicle and race around a course from 24 hours. You can see more about it here.

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