Saturday, July 7, 2018

Egyptian lemon mint drink for a hot day

Some of you might recall that back in February I went to Alexandria in Egypt for the day. The day was quite hot, even in February and at lunch time I had a specialty of Egypt, the lemon mint drink. It was so good that I had another just to make sure.

I finally got around to buying some lemons and a mint plant so that I could make my version. Here I have two smallish lemons. A large lemon would probably be enough. In between is the yellow doo-dad that makes peeling a lemon or orange easy.

10 mint leaves from the plant. Chop the lemon into quarters.

Chuck into the blender. Add a bit over 1/2 cup of sugar depending on how sweet or sour you want the drink to be. Some recipes talk about adding sugar syrup, but this is much simpler.

Dump in a tray of ice cubes (American style tray).

Add cold water.


Froth on top.

Two glasses of refreshing frothy cold drink. The pith from the lemon gives it a bit of body. I am usually not overly keen on mint, but in this drink it goes very well. Try it.

Here is the photo of my drink in Egypt. I reckon mine looks better and the taste is similar as far as I can remember.

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