Monday, July 30, 2018


Rather than return to Leura via the way we had came, we decided to go to nearby Oberon and then return via an alternate road.

The road climbs steeply out of the valley and there are a lot of very sharp curves. Naturally you don't drive fast.

Once out of the valley there are wonderful views. As you can see the countryside is very dry since there has not been much rain for quite some time. Like much of the rest of the world, Australia is experiencing much warmer weather than usual.

We arrived in Oberon and went for a walk. The town sometimes gets snow in winter since the elevation is 3600 feet.

It's a fairly prosperous town and most of the shops were in use and not empty like so many little towns. We found a bakery and each of us bought a meat pie for a late lunch.

This Art Deco building was a former dance hall / picture theater. It is being restored.

Lovely house. 

Years ago, my sister Clare and I stayed overnight in a motel in Oberon and went out for dinner to one of the local hotels that was recommended by the motel owner. We went into the dining area and each ordered a steak. I then wandered over to the bar and asked about buying a bottle of red wine to go with the steak. The bloke behind the counter drug out a bottle of red, plonked it on the counter and said 'most of our customers drink this'. I duly took the hint and it proved to be a pretty decent bottle of wine. Australia at its best.

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