Saturday, August 15, 2020

Progress report - the first week

 We have achieved a lot during our first week in Urangan. We have bought a new Honda Jazz (Fit) similar to what we had in the USA except it is white instead of orange. It's much more fun to drive than the Mitsubishi SUV we rented and it fits much more easily into our garage.

We have organized our new Medicare numbers and I visited a doctor to get me an appointment with a neurologist to authorize infusions for my disease (Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy).

We have organized our new driver's licences and senior cards which give us reduced fares on public transport as well as a rebate on our car registration.

And I have had fish and chips, a good meat pie and a Cheesymite scroll.

Fish and chips. Most Aussies get the fish in batter but we prefer grilled. This was mullet.

A cheesymite scroll. Puff pastry, cheese and Vegemite served warm. Marianne prefers not to indulge.

After we picked up the Honda we drove the 22 miles to Maryborough and walked through the Thursday market. The vendors were separated for social distancing.

I haven't seen a Mr Whippy van in decades.

The mandatory feet in ocean photo. The water is not cold and feels so good.

Early morning sunrise.

This morning we walked the mile to the jetty.

The building on the right is a former aquarium which now is a cafe.

Discharge pipe for the rain water that falls on the nearby roads.

Saturday morning at the jetty.

A very happy dog.

There is another market but we did not bother to investigate.

I decided to walk the half-mile out to the end of the jetty. Marianne preferred to sit and enjoy the breeze and watch out for the 'bin chicken'. My mother used to sit here as well when I was younger. Invariably we would return from the jetty and she would be nattering away to somebody.

The weather darkened and there were even a few drops of rain.

Nothing changes. The sandbank is still exposed at low tide.

The end of the jetty.

Looking down.

Reeling in the fish that was in the water just seconds before.

Where we live off in the distance.

We walked back home along the bike path that runs the length of the bay. Here is a walkway to the beach.

The bike path.

Marianne liked this vegetation.

For my sister Anne, the steps at Dayman Point. They seemed so much higher when we were young.

Somebody had created a lovely garden between their house and the bike path.

A less successful effort.

Volleyball on the beach.

The tide is going out and people are enjoying the sand.

It's absolutely lovely here. Temperature is in the low 70's, there is a constant breeze and life has pretty well returned to normal after the virus.


  1. You guys look like you're living your best life! It seems like you've ended up in the perfect spot and are rightly thrilled! We'll be living vicariously through you until we can do the same!

  2. Is that the Urangan Pier? I was absolutely awed when I saw the photos of it!