Sunday, August 2, 2020

Quarantine - day 8

This time a week ago we still had about four hours to go on our flight to Sydney. Time has passed quickly in quarantine, but I thought I would take some photos of our view to pass the time.

I spend most of the day sitting by the window and this is the view.

Occasionally I see somebody. Most people in Sydney are still social distancing and staying at home. There have been several small outbreaks of the virus but nowhere near as bad as in Melbourne.

It is the middle of winter here and 61 degrees outside. The leaves on the trees are brown. In the foreground is a chimney for a set of apartments next to the hotel.

Apartments across the street. Some are vacant.

Every morning a young bloke comes out to sniff the air and smoke a cigarette. Then he has a cup of coffee and disappears for the rest of the day.

The main feature of this photo is the smaller cream old building in the middle. Back in 1970, I worked a few blocks away and most of the buildings were like that one. It looks like most of them are now gone to be replaced by much taller buildings.

Some architect probably was very proud of this wall design. Unfortunately, the view of it is blocked by all the surrounding buildings. It's really quite interesting.

Although we are cut off from the outside, it looks like it is a beautiful day in Sydney. Note the blue sky.

I can't imagine that this antenna does a whole lot of good. Probably no one in the building knows it is there and so it lingers on.

Every afternoon, the sun reflects from one of the windows and bathes me in light. Marianne gets up, goes to the window and basks in the light.

It's quite dazzling.

Lunch. At the top right is a sushi roll. As usual, lunch was pretty good.

The cold boiled eggs reappeared this morning and not to universal acclaim. I wish they had some sort of feedback mechanism for the food.

Fortunately, I can listen to plenty of music with the streaming service Quboz using my phone and a pair of good headphones. I march up and down for about 30 - 40 minutes, dodging Marianne along the way. Of course, there is a good afternoon nap.

So we are still doing fine halfway through our quarantine. We can do certain tasks on our computers. For example, I submitted the documents required to re-enroll in Medicare this morning. And I have my wine order ready from Dan Murphy's for when we finally arrive in Urangan.

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  1. I woke up thinking about the two of you this morning. Isaias has moved up the east coast so I'm checking on friends northeast of us. Still enjoying your posts and admire the way you're both managing to keep in good spirits. You could leave a link to your blog for the hotel management. I do feel like they want to make your stay as pleasant as they can. Saying a prayer your release happens on time and QLD is reasonable about allowing you in!