Thursday, August 6, 2020

Quarantine - day 10 and 11- Marianne at work

There has been a request from Yorkshire for some evidence of Marianne's activities, so here we go.

First, the hotel sent us mazes to solve. There were two easy versions that I could solve visually, but there were two more difficult puzzles that I just put in the too hard basket. Then Marianne announced that she had solved the hard version.

I was duly impressed and a short while later, this very difficult solution appeared.

I suspect this talent comes from years of attempting to solve the puzzle that is her husband.

We also did our virus test on day 10. I think the swab they stuck up my nose tickled what would have been my tonsils if I still had them. I talked to the nurses after the swab about my infusions and how at the beginning of a week of infusions, the first thing I would ask was how all the nurses were doing and then I asked them the same question. They were surprised and pleased saying that nobody ever asked them if they were ok.

The big news of today was that common sense has prevailed at the New South Wales Government. We were due to be released from quarantine between 4 pm and 6 pm on Sunday. A week or so ago, the Queensland Government closed its borders to all people who were in Sydney. The only exception was for people who had been in quarantine like us. However, the exemption only applied if you went directly to the airport and then took a plane to Brisbane. The alternative was another two weeks in Queensland quarantine. In response, Qantas cancelled the evening flights that we were planning to take.

The obvious solution was to release us from quarantine in the morning or have us stay an extra night in quarantine and fly to Brisbane the next day. Today we learned that the second solution was chosen and we will fly to Brisbane early on Monday morning. We will then rent a car and drive to our unit in Hervey Bay. No doubt, there will be some hiccup, but we live in hope.

Some of Marianne's colouring in.

And here is her knitting project. Apparently, it is a very short-sleeved jacket that she will wear when it gets chilly in Urangan.

We also heard that North East got over 6 inches of rain during the recent hurricane. Chesapeake Isle lost power and a tree fell on our driveway. Hopefully, the new owners are not too discouraged.


  1. Hats off to Marianne's creativity, all her works look fabulous. Keep strong, quarantine is almost over for you!

  2. Beautiful colors in the buildings Marianne. I admire your knitting skills as well. The end to quarantine is on the horizon!

  3. So glad to see Mariannes skills at work! All fabulous! I see the puzzle had 2 solutions?

  4. How's the composition coming along? Concertos? Sonatas perhaps?

  5. Hi Ray and Marianne. We had seen that Melbourne had an outbreak. Our area did as well. So we are keeping vigilant. It is getting tiring, yet necessary. Hope the vaccine comes soon. Good luck and hope the transition to Hervey goes well!