Monday, October 3, 2011

Geoff's 60th birthday

My friend Geoff turned 60 and his daughters organized a party for him. You only get to turn 60 once. Since Geoff asked me to take photos, I have placed them on my blog for easy access by his family and friends.
Yes, it's made of chocolate. Even the prop behind is chocolate.
Enzo and Zorro (otherwise known as Geoff).
Vanessa, Carlo,  big G and Francine.
Natasha playing up in front.
Michael and Enzo.
Carol and Ida.
Ida's kids
Yet another of Ida's kids. She was the bad and wicked one, almost as bad as Natasha.
Barry, Maureen and Anna
Jo, Christina and Clara
Michael, Nonna and Lina
Geoff, Ray, Nonna and Lina
 Now can I blow out all the candles with one puff.
 Cutting the cake. This cake was enormous and I never had any because I had filled up with all the other food. I still don't want to sample it because I had my entire month's sugar quota at this one party.
This was a really big cake.
Rocky road. 
Chocolate mousse.

 Just a small sample of the food that Rebecca and Vanessa had prepared. These were just the desserts.
 Father and daughters. Vanessa and Rebecca.

Natasha out of control again.
Carol, Francine, big G, little Carlo, better behaved Natasha and big Carlo.
Vanessa, Nonna, Carlo, Geoff and Rebecca.
Enzo, Josephine, Jo, Geoff, Barry, Maureen, Anna and Michael

 You might have noticed in just about all the group photos taken at the table, there is a bloke in a pink shirt with his back to us having a good time at the drinks counter. Finally Ian makes it into a photo.

I was supposed to be barman but after a round of drinks for everybody, I moved on to be photo man.
 Rebecca and Vanessa finally get to relax after a tremendous effort and can talk to Francine.
 I think there was enough food left over to cater for a Country Women's Association afternoon tea.

 Vanessa decides that she's been photographed enough.
Clara and Vanessa.
Carol. If you were present and I did not take your photo, you were lucky. If I got your name wrong or spelled incorrectly, blame Vanessa.

It was a great party and it was fun to talk to all the guests. Some I met for the first time, others I hadn't seen in twenty years. After a while I realized that some of the younger people I had last seen as babies or small children twenty years ago. We all get older.

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