Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ancient Rome

Since some rain is scheduled for the next few days I decided to do the ancient part of Rome on a dry day since I would be outdoors with little chance of cover. I managed to get a tram into the city but then there was a strike of all trams, buses and the Metro. So I walked.

The queue of people at the main train station waiting for a taxi. The photo only shows about a third of the queue.

After a while I reached the Colosseum. I went there forty years ago and my experience in Paris has taught me to avoid long lines and lots of tourists. So I just walked around it.

Incidentally, you can avoid the queue for tickets by buying your ticket at other locations.

Part of the horde of tourists.

What I really wanted to see was the Circus Maximus.

Essentially it is a race track where Ben Hur supposedly did his thing. That was but a film but real chariot races occurred here.

Some make believe chariot drivers.

And chariots. No horses about though. I suppose the real equivalent these day is Nascar but I expect the chariot races were better.

The Temple of Hercules Victor. I rather liked it because it reminded me of our house.

Yet another fountain.

The street by the Tiber is filled with slow moving traffic. Definitely not a place to be.

I have no idea what these are bit they look like wash basins.

The Great Synagogue of Rome. It's an impressive building.

Who knows what lurks behind the curtain. As the tour guide put it the other day, there are so many buildings and objects that need maintenance. Some will be closed while you are here.

The Teatro di Marcello which inspired the design of the Colosseum. 

The likeness to the Colosseum is very apparent in this photo.

A small fountain that is all that is left of a larger construction.

Stairs up the Capitoline Hill.

Remus and Romulus, the symbol of Rome.

Looking down on the Forum.

I was too tired to even consider buying a ticket and going in.

It seems that much of the Forum is off-limits.

The Via dei Fori Imperiali. Oddly enough, Mussolini had this built.

There is so much stuff it all becomes a bit overwhelming and confusing.

I had enough Ancient Rome and decided to walk back to the train station since I was not sure if public transport had been restored. I rather enjoyed some of the quiet back streets.

Motor cycle alley.

My gate of the day.

Yet another tower that leaves you wondering what it was for.

Part of an arcade that surrounds Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. My tram passes by on the other side of the Piazza and fortunately the trams were now running so I got a welcome ride back to the bnb.

It had been a hot humid day so the cold beer was very welcome.

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