Friday, April 22, 2016

Fattori gelati

My AirBNB host recommended that I try the gelati from Fattori which is close by. So I wandered down there about 5 pm and tried it out.

This was the result. A three euro cup of pistachio, lemon and what I think is raspberry. It was better than the first gelati earlier in the day, but did not rate the 'your taste buds stand up and applaud'. 
A- so far but I will go back and try some more.

There was a line of people waiting to be served but it didn't take long before I had my cup. The three euro version is quite a feed.

They actually make the stuff just down the street from the bnb.

Since I am a noble person, I will volunteer to go back right now for round two.

Unfortunately the dial on the camera moved to sepia so you don't get the colours of melon, passionfruit and some sort of red. The first two were really good and I think I will avoid all red gelati from now on.

The melon really gets a full A. I am not sure I need any dinner now.

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