Sunday, April 24, 2016

Borghese Gardens and Via Veneto

I felt quite tired after my trip to Orvieto so decided to have a short relaxing morning out with a long nap in the afternoon. It was a Saturday so I thought a stroll in the Borghese Gardens followed by a saunter down the Via Veneto would be enough.

A number 19 tram took me all the way to the north eastern entry  to the Gardens.

The gardens are designed to be in the English manner, so there is plenty of grass and lots of trees.

And a water fountain.

It was exceedingly pleasant strolling along and it all just reminded me how much I enjoy walking.

I came across a building and investigated.

From what I can make out it is a museum that contains the various statues and other art works of Pietro Canonica who persuaded the Rome authorities that he be allowed to live in the building.

He must have been quite talented and hard working since he composed a few operas as well..

A cupboard full of busts.

I can't say I found the museum all that great but the grounds were very nice. I suspect I was not really in the mood for yet another museum after Orvieto. I was certainly in no condition to visit the famed Borghese Gallery.

Instead I just wandered around enjoying the grass and trees.

Quite a few dogs were enjoying an outing.

And of course there were fountains.

Quite a few people were pedaling these carts around. The driver of this one managed to get stuck on one of the concrete blocks surrounding the fountain. There was a lot of laughing as they lifted the vehicle.

The Piazza di Sienna. There is a horse equestrian event held here each year.

It reminded me of a similar building at the University of North Carolina.

I finally made it to the Porta Pinciana, one of the gates of old Rome.

The pines of Rome. They look like floating green clouds at times. 

It was time for me to be suave and sophisticated as I commenced to stroll down the Via Veneto.

The waiters were crushed when I did not stop for an aperitivo. It was too early.

In fact there were no hordes of tourists waiting to get a glimpse of me as I sauntered past. Perhaps I was just a bit too incognito.

My sister's digs at the local Marriott if she ever comes to Rome.

Nothing much going on at this famous restaurant either.

Another spiffy hotel that probably costs a fortune to stay at.

Still it all looks quite pleasant. I should go back there during the evening to actually see the street in action.

By now I was happy enough to take the rest of the day off. I had a ninety minute nap when I got back to the bnb and then listened to music and read a book.

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