Saturday, September 23, 2017

Walk by the Ross River in Townsville

We were met at Townsville airport by our friend David and driven to their new house beside the Ross River, a few miles from the ocean.

After a delicious dinner, great wine and a good sleep, we rose early and went for a walk beside the river after breakfast.

The river is lined with gigantic mango trees.

A lychee tree.

The river is not very wide but it can flood after a lot of rain.

It's easy walking with quite a few other walkers and cyclists.

Immature mangoes. A large tree will have well over a thousand pieces of fruit.

Mango trees are great climbing trees once you get up into the branches.

Two huge mango trees.

It's interesting looking at the houses along the way.

Frangipani tree. This one still had flowers while most of the others were bare.

A poinciana tree which is spectacular when it blooms in December.

People cut the mangroves to improve their view of the water.

A kangaroo on the other side of the river.

Townsville lies in the tropics but is comparatively dry compared to other towns in northern Queensland. However it does get hot and humid and the expected temperature for today was over 80 degrees. It makes sense to finish your walk before 9 am.

There are quite a few mountains and hills in the area.

Traditional looking Queensland houses. They are made of wood and have no insulation.

One of the variety of eucalyptus trees that loses its bark.

The Aplin Weir which was built in 1943.

We walked across.

Looking down stream.

Magnificent old house.

Kayakers further upstream.

A curious statue made of aluminium.

Some serious looking ants.

It had been a lovely walk and I hope to do it again before we leave.

Your hero savors his champers later that day. Life is tough.

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