Saturday, September 29, 2018

California Zepher - Day 1 - Emeryville to Roseville

Since we enjoyed our train trip from Washington DC to Seattle so much last year, we decided to do another trip this year from San Francisco to the east coast. The train to Chicago is known as the California Zepher.

But first, a view across the by towards San Francisco from Alameda where our niece lives.

The train does not actually leave from San Francisco. Instead it leaves at 9:10 am from Emeryville which is close to Oakland.

Amtrak runs buses to SFO.

The waiting room and ticket office.

A few minutes before the train arrived, passengers with sleepers were instructed to head north along the platform.  There were many more than just this couple. 

Our train arrives.

Our compartment. I was really pleased that our window would be on the northern side for most of the journey which would make photo taking much easier.

Your hero feeling relaxed and looking pleased with himself. Elegance personified!

The route for the first part of the journey.

The train left on time and we headed off into the dry Californian landscape.

We had driven along this highway the prior day on our way to the redwood forest.

The train route comes close to the bay and it's surprisingly deserted.

Some geese trying to keep up with the train which was doing about 40 mph.

Very peaceful.

What appeared to be an oil terminal.

With tanker.

Interstate 80 which ends up in New York City.

Remains of a wharf.

I 680 bridge.

Our train crossed the bay as well.

Eventually we left the sprawl of the SFO area and headed east.

Mostly the vegetation was very dry.

But irrigation changes things.

As you go past miles of orchards, you realize how many crops are grown here. California is the food bowl of the USA.

Davis is famous for it's wine school and most American winemakers learn their trade here.

You lock up your bicycle in a cage.

More orchards.

Irrigation channel.

There are a lot of homeless people in California and we saw quite a few tents, hovels and shacks beside the tracks.

We crossed the Sacramento River.

Sacramento is the capitol of California and obviously was an important railway town.

We passed quite a few passenger trains coming in the opposite direction.

However, most of the old railway buildings appear to be disused. The buildings probably can't be used for housing because of contamination issues.

We wondered what these buildings were.

As usual, I tracked our progress using the OsmAnd app on my cellphone. I like it because it shows the railway line as well as speed (80 mph) and elevation. You can also download the maps you expect to use in advance so you don't use your precious cell phone data.

About lunchtime we arrived at Roseville which appears to be the place to buy and sell your car.

Quiet suburban street. It would have been hot out there. Much as I like California, the hot central valley area is not for me. I would prefer to live in the mountain range near the coast.

The Roseville Station.

And an old water tower.

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