Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Redwoods at Point Reyas

Since I retired we have attempted to overcome the effects of jetlag when flying from Australia to the US by staying on the west coast of the USA a few days before heading east. This time we visited one of my nieces who live in Alameda across the bay from SFO. We decided to drive to Point Reyas to look at some Redwood trees.

It took a bit over an hour to drive there.

After passing through some Californian suburbia we arrived at the park area and were immediately rewarded by seeing redwood trees in the parking lot.

The trees give a dense shade which is cooling so ideal for picnic lunches.

A creek that flows through the park.

This used to be a railway line and is now a walking / bike path. We were passed a few times by bicycles.

Marianne and Alice.  

Perhaps I should have left her there. She obviously liked her new abode.

First signs of autumn.

Reflections in the creek.

Another picnic area. I expect it is quite busy at weekends. 

Those trees are huge but somehow you get a sense of peace and tranquility as you walk among them.

I had mussels for lunch. They were much smaller than the mussels I enjoyed the next day on the train east. See next blog.

It was very pleasant sitting outside eating lunch. To me that is what makes California so pleasant.

 Alice was lucky that she got to finish her meal. Look at that lean and hungry look on the face next to her.

We drove across the peninsula to see the ocean. A few days before we saw it from the other side in Australia.

So a very pleasant outing.

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