Friday, October 23, 2020

Maleny Botanic Gardens

 The gardens are situated just a little further along the ridge from the motel where we were staying. As well as walking around the gardens, we went to the attached aviary which will be the subject of the next blog.

After buying our ticket for the garden and aviary we started to walk down the hill. You can use a buggy but we chose to walk.

The Glass House Mountains in the distance. It's basically the same view as from the motel, in other words, magnificent. That is an oversized seat.

The birds are about a foot high so the seat is probably at least eight foot high.

I can't help myself in gardens. I have to take lots of photos.

These are woman eating leaves. Shortly after taking this photo, Marianne disappeared and has not been seen since. I think I heard a burp.


She must have escaped.

No, it's not Monet's bridge.

The bamboo is enormous.

Another 'Not Monet's Bridge'.

The overcast weather made walking pleasant. 

We walked back up the hill and came across this boat close to the top of the hillside.

It was a pleasant set of gardens to wander around but what we really came to see were the birds.

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