Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The hunt for the source of the Mary

 Just like the Top Gear team searching for the source of the Nile, Marianne and I set out to see what we could find of the source of the Mary River.

Google Maps shows the river formed by several creeks in the Borroobin vicinity.

I took this photo of the valley where the creeks join to form the river. This area gets a lot of rain during the summer months. 

We drove on further and occasionally saw glimpses of the river beside the road.

Eventually, we descended a steep hill and came to a side road with a bridge that crossed the river.

The winter had been dry so there was no water flowing. Come back in a couple of months and the scene should be different.

Dry as a bone. The forecast calls for rain next week.

Cows watching us to make sure we behaved.

There is no standard design of letterbox in Australia.

We proceeded a mile or so to Crystal Waters and there was some water in the river.

An excellent collection of rubbish bins at Crystal Creek.

More water in the river, but not flowing.

So now my curiosity is satisfied but I may come back sometime after it has rained.

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