Friday, October 2, 2020

Point Vernon

 There has been a complaint to ( or from ) the management, depending on your point of view. Marianne has expressed disappointment that she never got to stop and have a good look at Point Vernon. When we would come to Hervey Bay over the years, I would drive from Maryborough to Point Vernon, have a brief look and then continue on to my favourite part of the Bay, Urangan. Apparently, she wanted to stop and get out of the car.

This is a small portion of a geological map of the area. We live where the red arrow touches the coastline. Point Vernon is at the other end of Hervey Bay It's about four miles to from where we live where the blue line touches the coast line. There is sand in the yellow area between Pialba and Urangan and rock in the green area.

Where the blue line touches the coast. Note the sandy beach.

This is also where the rock formations start. It was high tide and the rocks are mostly submerged.

Picnic area.

An ibis, also known as a bin chicken since they live on scraps of food from picnickers.

These rocks are quite similar to the rocks at the Aquarium near where we live.


Like our beach, this area is popular with dog walkers. Yes, there is a dog in the distance.

Very colourful playground. Australia has wonderful playgrounds for kiddies.

It's hazy in the bright sun so you can't make out the jetty off in the distance.

A Pandanas Pine.

We had reached Point Vernon. There is a lot of rock but they have managed to install a boat launching ramp.

The area is a popular resting point for migrating birds.

Houses on the hill overlooking the Point.

Further west there is a small beach area. Marianne celebrated being able to get out of the car.

Another picnic area. Notice how the shade is so dense.

A magpie swooped on me to let me know I was not welcome.

Magpies can be very aggressive during the early spring. They particularly like to swoop on people with light coloured hair.

Facing north.

The water is shallow and quite calm. It's getting warm enough for me to contemplate donning my togs. No doubt the paparazzi will be lurking.

The pathway that runs all the way to our units in Urangan.

Interesting looking house on the left. Two years ago, we actually went to an 'open house' for the house to the right but were not too impressed.  This area can get quite hot in summer and the house would be exposed to the hot sun all day. A breeze helps but this position only gets northerly breezes whereas most breeze in Hervey Bay comes from the south-east. Where we live, we get any breeze coming from any direction which will be very welcome in summer.

Another picnic area at Gatakers Bay just to the west of Point Vernon.

When I was young, my parents would drive here and we would have a picnic.  When the tide was out it was mostly a mudflat. After the picnic, we would drive to Urangan to go for a walk on the jetty.

Huge ripple. In the distance on the hills are some of the new suburbs. They did not exist fifty years ago.

Marianne found some coral.

The coral.

A cockatoo.

And some lazy kangaroos. It's a very suitable activity for Hervey Bay.

I just received notice that our boxes are finally on their way. They will arrive in Melbourne in mid-November before being transported up to Queensland.

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