Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Platypus alert

 Normally the motel we are staying at operates a restaurant and bar. Covid-19 has put a stop to that so we drove into downtown Maleny to find a place to eat. One of the few places to eat on a Monday is the local pub.

The pub is next to Obi Obi Creek that flows through the town and eventually flows into the Mary River.

A boardwalk has been constructed next to the creek and since it was just a bit too early for dinner, we walked along it. We noticed a man with a long lense camera taking photos of the creek.

It turns out that the creek is home to at least one platypus and it was swimming just beside the walkway.

If you look carefully at the center of the photo you will see some ripples. The platypus is causing those ripples.

Much as I like my tiny Lumix camera, it's not up to the task in very low light situations like this. The platypus only appears for a second or so and by the time you get the camera ready, it is too late.

It's under the ripples to the left.

We followed the platypus further along the creek.

A bright blue bird with a pink chest arrived to check us out.

Then a bird dived down and started to play with the platypus. I am not sure if this is the bird or the platypus.

The bird on the left and the platypus on the right. I estimate the platypus was about a foot long.

We both had this for dinner. Asian style pork steak on various greens with rice. Delicious. Maleny is a trendy town and visitors from Brisbane expect good food, even in a pub.

I asked Marianne which was more exciting, meeting the Airedale or seeing the platypus. After some thought, she picked the platypus because it is so rare to see one in the wild. The only platypus we had seen was in the Healesville Zoo over forty years ago.

Just before going to bed, I took this photo of the lights of Brisbane in the distance. It was a great day.

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