Friday, July 15, 2011

Rattlesnake Point and Crawford lake

We drove a few miles north to the Niagara Escarpment to take a look at a couple of conservation areas.

The path through the woods to Rattlesnake Point. It was a lovely afternoon and it was exceedingly pleasant strolling along under the shady trees.

Looking out from the point.

There was a curious rock pillar just below.

You could take some steps down to look more closely at the pillar. Apparently the area is popular with rock climbers.

It was amazing how some of the rocks managed to stay up there. I certainly wouldn't linger underneath.

There is much less ground level vegetation here that we would find at our woods in Maryland. Some areas like this were completely bare.

We then walked back to the parking lot and then drove to Crawford Lake.

Before walking to the lake we visited the Wendat village which was home to some Indians from the Iroquois tribe. The village is reconstructed and is surrounded by a picket fence.

This building was constructed based on the findings of archaeologists.

A reconstruction of the archaeology process.

The bark used to enclose the building.

The building is quite large with very high ceiling. I wonder how the Indians managed to climb up there to put on the roof.

One half of the building was set up to show what life was like in the building. Here are animal skins on what presumable would have been a bed.

Moose antlers.

Tennis racquets. Just kidding, but they did have some sticks that looked like lacrosse sticks.

There was a park ranger who demonstrated how the Indians would have made a fire using the local flint stones. She used a white fluffy plant called milk weed along with some flammable bark and when she got a spark it really went up very quickly.

This looks like where you would shoot your arrows from to keep raiders away.

The building from the outside.

As part of the archaeology exploration, they found the traces of two other buildings and have erected the skeletons of the buildings to show where they were.

You might be surprised to know that the Iroquois were the inventors of solar hot water. Apparently it got pretty funky in the big buildings and so they needed to have a good shower every now and then. Hot water would have been very welcome in winter.

Some people may have claimed that they invented the Iroquois helicopter, but I am not one of them.

Some fake fish drying in the breeze.

Then we walked down to the lake.

It's everything you would expect a small Canadian lake to be.

Very clear water. If you click on the photo you may be able to see a small fish.

There is a boardwalk constructed around the edge of the lake for part of the way.

It's a pity we could not spend more time there and walk completely round the lake.

The side of the Visitor Center. We were intrigued by the layering of the rock.

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