Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Royal Botanical Gadens

Although we don't like to garden ourselves, we enjoy looking at the efforts of others, so we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens which lie on the border of Burlington and Hamilton just to the west.

The Visitor Center and the car park lie across the road from the first set of gardens and you go through this tunnel to get there. There are in fact several sets of gardens separated by a few miles and covering several square miles. 

Several gardens were getting a good drink.

Reflecting  pond with teahouse at the other end.

Roses seem to do very well in this climate.

A weird sculpture.

This was some sort of edible aramanth.

I liked the spreading shape of the tree trunks.

An oddity hidden away in the gardens, a monument to the horse that won the Belmont Futurity Stakes in 1898.

I'm not the only one out there taking photos.

This bridge led to a forest walk down into a valley. It was cool and refreshing down there on a hot day.

In case you haven't noticed, I like variegated leaves.

I wondered what those pots were all about and eventually came across this explanation.

Now that is a tree stump with character.

My two favourite colours are apricot / orange and green. This plant does it all.

This young lady was distilling rose water. Rose petals were in the flask that was being heated and then the vapours went into the ice filled cooler via a copper pipe.

Stair way in the visitor center.

We drove off to another section of the gardens where they had an avenue of trees.

Other than the trees, there didn't appear to be too much there so we toddled back to our car to be greeted by this.

Yes, a parking ticket. When we bought our tickets at the visitor center, we were given a piece of paper to put on our dashboard to indicate that we were legal visitors to the park. I duly did what was required but failed to notice that there was a date on it and it was for the prior day. We went back to the visitor center and noticed quite a number of people with the same problem. We had to contact the police and hopefully it will all get sorted out. Unfortunately, the park people did not seem to have a solution.

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