Sunday, May 26, 2013

A day off in Kirkby Stephen

I had a good night's sleep in the B and B at Kirkby Stephen but I was still feeling a little tired so I went back to bed for a bit more sleep after breakfast. I woke at 12:30. By the way, breakfast included scrambled eggs with smoked salmon which I enjoyed.

It was such a beautiful day that I went out for a walk around KS.

KS is a small market town. Since it was Saturday, the place was bustling.


You don't often find a Post Office in a church.

The B and B serves evening meals but all the tables were reserved by the time I arrived. A local fish and chip shop came to my rescue and I saw in their drinks fridge a Dandelion and Burdoch soft drink. There was a taste reminiscent of sarsaparilla or root beer. It was a bit too sweet for me so as my mother would say, it was a oncer.

A 1914 Model T. Later it was parked outside the Tourist Information and the owner was standing beside it. It was only the second time this year that he had brought it out. He had actually purchased it during the 30's and it was the second one he had owned.

I came across a small shop that specialized in gear for hikers.

This gentleman ran the place and after hearing about my problem with my toes, suggested trying a pair of hiking sandals. I remembered that the young lady who was our guide on the Grand Canyon walk wore sandals so I tried them out.

It was an easy decision. They feel wonderful on my feet. He also sold me a pair of waterproof socks. I  walked out of the shop and down the street like a new man. Hopefully they will get me to Richmond. If they get dirty walking through a bog, he said just stand in the next stream and they will get clean.

I came across a small public garden where I sat there rejoicing in my new sandals and the afternoon sun. Life was good again.

English churches are usually worth checking out so I toddled into the KS church. I was startled to see that the church was filled with an exhibition of wedding gowns. There was a sign saying that photography was not allowed but when I mentioned that if they allowed me to take a general photo I would post it on a blog that has some English viewers, they said they would turn their backs while I took the photo.

I actually took three photos. So if you are English and this exhibition of wedding gowns comes to your local church, make sure to see it. The workmanship is incredible.

This yellow house is for Marianne to admire.

The Model T now in the square.

I stopped in at the Kings Arms for a beer and tried the Wainwright ale. I would have to say it was ok but nothing wonderful.

Marianne and I actually stayed in this pub about 25 years ago. I mentioned this to the bar maid and she said that little had changed since then.

I sat on a bench to drink my beer and the other occupant turned out to be a blacksmith. He showed me this object he had made that morning and apparently it is a beer bottle opener.

Behind the Kings Arms was another building so I wandered over to take a look.

There was some sort of craft fair going on and one of the women told me that the room was the ballroom for the Kings Arms.

The fair was closing down and as I went out a lady gave me this little tart since they were getting rid of the food that they had not sold.

The blue railing outside the Barclays Bank.

It was a lovely stroll around KS. It is amazing what a lovely day and feet that don't hurt will do for you.

I am staying at the Old Croft House, right across from the Tourist Information.

After I woke up from lunch I took a look at the other guest rooms.

I don't think I could live up to this.

My room. It is small and the bathroom is across the corridor but it is quite comfy.

Downstairs with the dining area in the background.

The wall paper behind the blue cushions chair.

Another bedroom.

The friendly owners recommended that I enjoy a pot of tea out in their back garden.

It was all very pleasant relaxing out there. The B and B has plenty of books to read and this one caught my eye. It has been a while since I read it and it is still amusing.

Tonight I had the dinner at the B and B. First was allotment soup. The wife's parents had come for the weekend and brought a load of stuff from their allotment.

Next up, chicken breast on fettuccine.

Finally a lemon meringue roulade with vanilla ice cream. All were delicious.

The owners are very friendly and have been running the place for two years. They are keen walkers themselves and were quite knowledgeable about the various walks in the area.

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  1. What a great day! Just what you needed. Which wall do you think we should cover with that white book paper? Ha ha!