Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coast to coast - across England

Last year you might remember that I walked across the Grand Canyon from the north to the south rim. Since it proved to be a real adventure for me I have decided to do a significant walk each year. The basic idea is that I have something to train for and this gets me out of the house during the cold winter months for the three mile loop around the community.

This year it will be the Wainright Coast to Coast across the northern part of England from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire. You can read about the origins of this 182 mile walk here.

The traditional walk starts on the west coast at a little village called St Bees. Most people do the walk from west to east since the wind and rain are at your back instead of blowing into your face.

The first part of the walk passes through the Cumbrian Lake District. There are lots of high peaks and supposedly marvelous views if it is not foggy or pelting rain.

The yellow markers denote where I will stop at the end of each day. I have arranged to stay at B and B's most of the way and there is a baggage service I am using that takes my luggage from one B and B to the next for 7 pounds per day ($10). I will still have a small knapsack to carry the wet weather gear and my lunch and water, but it won't weight too much.

The middle section includes the western Yorkshire Dales. Since I am now an old codger, I will be breaking the walk at Richmond where I will meet up with Marianne and then we will go to Amsterdam for a three week house exchange.

After Amsterdam, I will return to Richmond to continue the walk to Robin Hoods Bay across the eastern NorthYorkshire moors. Marianne will stay with our friends in Sleights. Finally, we will do a two week exchange in Birmingham before returning home.

Stay tuned. I'm currently at Philly airport waiting for my flight to Manchester. From there I will take a train to Barrow in Furness and another train to St Bees.

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