Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 5 - Grasmere to Patterdale

It's a shorter walk at a bit over 8 miles but there is still quite a climb and descent. You can see the map here.

The walking map I created seems to have disappeared.

Very quickly you are well above the valley.

It's desolate up here but very pretty.

A touch of sun. It's pretty cool and reasonably windy.

Of course, after the rain that feel two days prior, there was plenty of water.

The rock can make walking very difficult and slow.

It's less crowded that down by the coast at St Bees. You only see serious walkers up here.

A cloud moved in.

You realize that there had to be a tremendous effort to come up to these heights to build and repair these walls.

A small tarn.

Suddenly a hut. It was deserted. 

Eventually you get over the top and then there is a descent into the valley.

The lambs in this area have white bodies and black heads and legs.

Trees at the bottom of the valley as you head into Patterdale.

Looking back to the mountains.

The path is smoother here. I could see a much better path on the other side of the valley, but the official train goes this way.

Finally, into Patterdale. I actually stopped at a bigger more posh pub for a much needed beer and to get directions to the B&B.

The Sherpa van was there. This is the group that is carrying my bag from B and B to B and B. It costs 7 pounds each day and is well worth it.

I still had another mile or so to trudge to the B and B. The walk over the mountain is quite demanding and so I was quite tired.

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