Friday, May 31, 2013

Amsterdam - a walk around our neighbourhood

We arrived in Amsterdam a couple of days ago after a brief flight from Leeds Bradford Airport. Schipol Airport is huge and it takes ages for the plane to taxi from the runway to the terminals where you can get off the plane. I was beginning to think taxi time was going to exceed flight time.

Andre was there to meet us and he and Corrine made us feel very welcome. Next morning they flew off to New York. It was somewhat gloomy and so we only went out to do some supermarket shopping.

Today was beautiful so we decided to go for a walk.

Since this is Amsterdam, you need a photo of flowers to get you started.

This is the building where we are staying. Yes, the walls slope outwards. It's about ten years old.

Communal bins for rubbish and recycling.

There is water everywhere in this area so here are some house boats.

It seems that most of the buildings are apartments. It's a good location since it is relatively close in and has a good tram service.

Most of the streets have a separate section for bicycles and you see lots of people riding their bicycles, often with a rack or basket in front for carrying things.

Outdoor cafe with people enjoying the sun.

A good proportion of the locals appear to be Moslem. Many of the women wear a head scarf.

No, you don't see women wandering around wearing dresses like these.

Interesting balconies.

Most of the cars are quite small but this makes even a Smart car look large. There are quite a few of these running around.

A small football pitch with a fence at each end to stop the ball going to far.

I was impressed with how quiet and relaxed everybody seemed to be. Perhaps it was the good weather that made everybody feel mellow.

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  1. I expect by this time you were very happy for the sunshine. Marianne would look lovely in the blue dress!