Saturday, October 17, 2015

A stroll around Alameda

Two years ago in 2013, we stayed with my niece who lives in Alameda. We decided to visit her again on our way to Australia and after the long drive to Lodi and back, we thought we would have an easy day and have a stroll to a nearby supermarket to get some food for lunch.

So here is the island of Alameda. It is next to Oakland and across the bay from San Francisco.

We started walking down some back streets.

The streets are lined with bungalows that were carbon copies except some were reversed. We call them 'garage with house attached'.

Some owners have added additions and they all have individual touches now.

Interesting roof.

Colourful vegetation.

Fancy garage door.

Gum tree. Yesterday Bob told me that the gum (eucalyptus) trees were imported from Australia and their annual cycle is still based on the southern hemisphere, not the northern.

I have had a few sub-par days, but fortunately not too many.

If you go back to the map you can see a body of water formed into channels. I expect the houses on the water are quite expensive.

Primary school building. The buildings are all hexagons like this one.

Convenient way of dealing with school bags.

We went to the Trader Joes and bought some food for lunch. 

On the way back we walked along the street by the water past quite a few apartment buildings. There are not many houses left facing the water.

Alameda looks like a lovely place to live. Last night for dinner we went to a local Mexican restaurant and had delicious fish tacoes and a prawn ceviche each. Along with the Mexican beer, it cost $22.

We passed about five of these Trader Joes trolleys on our way back.

Finally, Marianne is carrying an Airedale Rescue quilt prize to our friend in Australia. We have decided to have fun by showing the quilt at the various locations on the way. Here is the first photo with the San Francisco skyline in the background.

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