Saturday, October 31, 2015

Broken Hill to Adelaide

The drive from Broken Hill to Adelaide is one of my favourite drives which I really look forward to. There is a bit more variety.

View north from the Airbnb before we left. There is nothing much for thousands of miles.

There is not much vegetation west of Broken Hill and it is actually looking good. We did this same journey years ago in drought conditions and there was virtually no vegetation at all.

Another of the rest area toilet blocks. Australia takes good care of travelers with places to stop for a rest and in the towns, swings and playthings for the kids.

We saw a train in the distance.

This is the railway line that runs from Sydney to Perth. The passenger train that does this route is known as the Indian Pacific. It is not cheap.

A brave soul. I presume he camped out under the stars at night.

Near the border of South Australia.

Eventually, farms appear as the climate becomes less arid.

The colour is beautiful with the strong sun.

We stopped at Burra for lunch. Pumpkin is a popular ingredient in Aussie food.

My pastie also had pumpkin as well as other vegies.

While I had my nap, Marianne went for a walk around Burra which is a lovely old mining town. It is very popular with tourists.

Driving into Adelaide from the north is a pain so it was good to finally arrive at my sister's house where we could sit and relax. Driving for so many days in a row was a bit taxing so it was good to stop.


  1. Broken Hill - Mining and Artistic Oasis in Australia's Outback
    Broken Hill
    Flying over the vast plains of the Australian outback, there is little to see but occasional kangaroos or emus. Then as your airplane descends, you will observe a large town surrounded by greenery in the middle of the desert: this is the town of Broken Hill.

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