Friday, October 30, 2015


As usual, we stayed at Urangan for a night before heading off to Adelaide. Urangan has been the subject of a few blogs such as 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and you may be sick of them, but I love going there.

So we start off this blog with this lady. We decided to walk from the motel to the jetty and as we started off we heard a din behind us. Eventually I worked out it was a person swearing and turned around to see this woman approaching us at a fast walking pace. She quickly passed us by but took the time to rearrange her bikini bottom so that she effectively mooned us. She continued on and eventually we came across her up at a shed near the jetty where she was wailing and swearing away at herself and everybody.

The breakwater across from the motel. In cyclones, the waves can get quite high and part of this breakwater had to be replaced after the last event.

We could have bought the pent house unit.

The jetty off in the distance.

The pedestrian / bike path that runs the length of the bay, about 10 kilometers.

Painting in a shop window that Marianne liked.

The start of the jetty.

Other years we have been there at low tide. This year the tide was in.

A cloudy afternoon but no rain.

Fraser Island off in the distance.

The Police had arrived at the shed and were just standing watching the disturbed woman.

Another house for sale. Prices here are still high but it appears the property boom is coming to an end.

Dinner of traditional fish and chips, washed down with an Aussie Riesling.

The Airedale quilt photo as it sets off on its long trip to Dixons Creek near Melbourne.

The beach across from the motel.

Somebody at the motel had a Goggomobile Dart which dates from the late 50's, early 60's.

My parent's ashes lie down a path near the weir at Teddington outside Maryborough. 

The weir. It has been dry so no water was spilling over.

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