Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A stroll beside the water in Alameda

Today was our 40th wedding anniversary and before we went out for dinner, we went for a walk beside the bay and through the Robert Crown Memorial State beach.

There was a strong wind from the north and numerous kite boarding people were taking full advantage.



They are quite large and seem to be heavy. With the strong wind, they seemed to be difficult to control on the ground.

Lots of people were enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon by the water.

California is hoping for an El Nino to help alleviate the effects of the drought but even if it comes, it won't be enough to fully break the drought. Of course, while California benefits, El Nino brings drought to Australia.

The beach with a few hardy souls swimming.

It was perfect weather for walking.

Birds lined up for inspection.

Our niece Alice.

Dinner was at a Cambodian restaurant call the Angkor Grill. The lemongrass red snapper is wonderful. The prices are very reasonable with most dishes about $10.

We really like Alameda. It seems to be a very relaxed and peaceful place. Alice never wants to leave and I don't blame her.

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  1. As a kid living in San Leandro, I would go with my friends to Alameda to play on the mud flats, LOL. Alameda is a cool place to live for sure. Glad you have enjoyed your time there.