Thursday, September 1, 2016

A walk around Woolwich

Our hosts live in a very nice house in Woolwich and we decided to take a short walk around the neighborhood.

The Woolwich peninsula.

The house is only a couple of hundred yards to the ferry terminal.

It is only a few miles by water to the city.

Fishermen on the wharf. I would be suspicious of any fish that came out of the Harbour because of contamination over the years. The water is much higher quality than it was was years ago but there are signs around the Harbour warning you about eating fish.

One of the nice things about Australia are the public toilets that are everywhere. They are usually clean and well maintained.

I wonder if Boaty McBoatface will succeed this time.

A small park just beside the ferry wharf with playthings for the kiddies.

Phone boxes are rare these days as well as post boxes.

Sandstone, which is popular in Sydney.

Interesting new house. Most of the houses in the area are about 100 years old but some are much older. New houses are uncommon but most houses are renovated.

There are quite a few old mansions with tremendous views of the Harbour.

Somebody's garden.

Pathway not too far from the shoreline. This is part of a pathway that runs along the north shore of the Harbour.

Gum tree leaves.

Cockatoo Island in the distance. We visited it a few years ago and also last year.

Remains of a slipway. This part of Woolwich used to be an industrial area.

Boat lift.

Expensive holes in the water. I suspect most expensive boats rarely get used. The water used to be part of a dry dock.

The black horizontal tube is a mast for a former America's Cup racer. It is made of carbon fiber and would have to cost a fortune.

Old barge in poor condition.

Ferns on the side of the cliff.

It was used as a dry dock where ships could be repaired.

This one looks like it belonged to a 007 villain.

More about the dock.

We met our host towards the end of our walk and we all walked up the hill to this park and then home. Even though it was not a beautiful day, it was still a pleasant walk.

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