Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A walk through Hunters Hill

The next suburb west of Woolwich is Hunters Hill and I decided to have a look around. I drove the car a mile or so and parked and started walking.

Just to give an idea of the loop. A freeway runs north south through the middle. I started at the right hand side.

Hunters Hill has always been a wealthy suburb and there are some grand houses. Some have cast iron railings like this.

Most of the houses are older but there are occasional newer designs.

Very Mediterranean.

More traditional sand-stone.

The Hunters Hill Club where I could play lawn bowls of tennis if I joined. Or just sit around and drink beer.

A sign invited me to follow a path down to the water so I went down.

The path lead to this gate for a fancy looking abode.

Descending further.

Almost at water level.

Not what I was expecting to find.

The path petered out at the bottom of somebody's garden so I climbed back up to the road.

There are lovely well maintained houses everywhere.

Another descent but this time I saw there was a road down the hill that I could follow.

In shadow so closed.

In sunlight and open.

Grounds of Hunters Hill High School. It is situated by the Harbour and to my surprise it was built in 1958. How this much land was available in a wealthy suburb puzzled me until I read this link with the history of the school. Basically the school was sited on the former 'The Avenue Pleasure Grounds' and the grounds were the result of reclaiming land from the Lane Cove River. 

A path between the school and the Lane Cove River.

The river with the freeway crossing it in the distance.

Looking east down the river to the Harbour.

Path under the freeway bridge.

Old houses beside the bridge.

Under the freeway bridge.

Western side of the bridge.

Very elegant.

The three houses mentioned on the plaque.

Villa Maria Catholic Primary School on the right and St Josephs College on the left.

It was getting a bit warm in the sun so it was pleasant walking in the shade by this wall.

Another set of three houses of similar design.

I suspect the monks of St Josephs live here.

St Josephs Chapel. The white statues really stood out.

Not all the houses were elegant and in prime condition.

Tarban Creek which looks like a drainage ditch.

Across the street the creek becomes a nature area. It's always encouraging to a walker when they see a 'This Way' sign.

You can just make out the water in the creek.

The natural forest then became an open park.

Unfortunately this area gets a lot of plane noise. I think this is a Qantas Jumbo on its way to the USA.

Apartments lining the park.

A lot of work has gone into developing paths throughout Sydney. I usually show them empty but believe me they are well used with plenty of walkers, joggers and people on bicycles.

The creek became wider.

Actually the creek is tidal at this point and here are mangroves.

Another freeway bridge which is at the southern side of Hunters Hill.

No the picture is not at an angle. That is green slime on the bank beside the mangroves.

Many of the houses were modern in this area. 

Path up the hill to the Hunters Hill shopping area.

French Champagne is typically more expensive in Australia than the USA but at an exchange rate of 76 US cents to $1 US, that's not too bad a price.

I walked east back to the car and crossed the freeway. It's about two miles from the freeway to the house where we are staying. I walked a bit over four miles.

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