Monday, October 2, 2017

A walk to St Kilda Pier

Our friends Bronwyn and Russell turned up on Sunday morning and brought along a coffee maker and some Miki cards for using on the public transport system. After relaxing in the morning we decided to go for a walk in the afternoon.

We walked along Fitzroy Street towards the water,  Port Phillip Bay.

Fitzroy Street runs from top right to lower left.

There are numerous restaurants along the way.

Many of the older buildings are gone, but some remain.

War Memorial. 

The St Kilda Pier in the distance.

What Melbourne calls a beach.

A launching ramp for the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.


The Pavilion was destroyed by arsonists in 2003 but has been restored. It now houses a small cafe.

There were quite a lot of people walking on the pier. It is about half the length of the jetty in Urangan.

The breakwater that extends from the Pier is home to small penguins.

Viewing platform to see the penguins.

A penguin sleeping in one of the spaces between the boulders.

Port area.

Robin surveys the vegetation beside the viewing platform.

Looking south west across the bay. Years ago I worked in the BP building which had an excellent view of the bay and you could see the weather changes coming across the bay hours in advance.

In the distance we could see part of the roller coaster at the nearby Luna Park.

The entrance to the Palais Theater. Back in 1973 I went there to see 'Jesus Christ, Superstar'.

We wandered on to Luna Park.

It's the oldest continuously running roller coaster in the world. The oldest is the 'Leap the Dips' in Altoona, PA in 1902 but it was closed from 1985 to 1997.

Interesting green building.

Entrance to Luna Park.

An old Melbourne tram as an attraction. Some of this model are now used in Seattle.

An interesting old holiday residence.

Melbourne has wonderful buildings everywhere. It was a very satisfying walk.

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