Friday, October 6, 2017

St Thomas Aquinas Church

It's forty-two years since we were married at this church and we thought it would be a great opportunity for Robin to see it.

The side entrance with the blue door.

Here is a newspaper article about the opening of the church in 1915. I have fixed the computer translation of the printed article and in a way, it is interesting reading. The land for the church cost 1300 pounds and the church itself cost 2000 pounds. 

We used the front door. Unfortunately there was a large truck parked right outside so getting a decent photo of the outside was difficult.

Distinctive pattern on the wall.

The Welcome sign.

Inside the church. I had forgotten what it looked like so was pleasantly surprised at how pretty the church looked.

It will be our 42 anniversary so I suppose you can say the church did well. It rained every day of October prior to our wedding, was beautifully fine on the day of the wedding and then started to rain again the next day.

Looking back to the entrance.


The roof was much darker than this but it is beautiful.

Very plain and simple.

The front. It's a pity the truck blocked the best view.

This blog is obviously to help us remember what the church looked like. We do have a few photos taken back when we were married so I may add them at a later date.  We look younger then, and a bit hairier.

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