Monday, September 24, 2012

Broken Hill to Adelaide

After we came down from the slag heap we visited the oldest milk bar in Broken Hill. Bell's Milk Bar was founded in 1892. Unfortunately we were too early to go inside.

The old part.

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The final day of the three day trip is the shortest at 510 km. 

We headed west into increasing desolation.

The Indian Pacific train goes along these tracks.

None of the creeks out here had any water in them.

We stopped at Olary for a bathroom stop.

There is not a lot here, just a few houses and a petrol station.

It is quite desolate out here. Because of rain over the past few years, it actually is quite lush now. In past trips this area has only been dirt with almost no vegetation.

A fruit inspection. You are not allowed to take fruit into South Australia for quarantine reasons. The bloke in the fluorescent green jacket asked to look in the boot (trunk) of our car.

Eventually the vegetation comes back, the trees get higher.

We passed quite a few deserted stone houses.

Canola fields.

We stopped at the old mining town of Burra for lunch.

Robin and I had a cheeseburger for lunch along with some really good chips. Marianne had an excellent chicken pie. In general, food from bakeries in town is really good, but not necessarily good for you.

We continued on to Adelaide down the tree lined road.

The scenery is wonderful including some fields filled with something with a purple flower. There are no photos of them but there were hundreds of windmills generating electricity.

Apparently this means 'make sure your speed does not gradually increase'. Robin thought that it was for males who were creepy.

More canola.

It's a wonderful three day drive and most of it is very interesting. Certainly it is a great introduction to the Australian outback and provided you don't get off the main road, it's safe. Just make sure you don't run out of petrol (gas), take plenty of water, get your accommodation lined up in advance, watch out for kangaroos and emus and finally, take a break every two hours.

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