Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shelly Beach Motel, Urangan

When we go up to Maryborough and Hervey Bay, we usually stop at this motel.

All of the units face the water and benefit from any of the sea breezes.

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There is a bit of traffic noise during the day but the motel is at the quiet end of the bay and it is not too far from the jetty.

You can bring your pets.

Morning coffee along with raisin toast with butter.

The steps to the local beach.

Yes, the beach has shells. At some times of year there can be a lot more of them.

This groin covers some storm water pipes that empty into the sea.

Green seaweed.

A jellyfish.

Top of the groin.

Kayakers. This day the water was very smooth, probably because there wasn't much wind.

Some of the ground cover to protect the sand.

Foot and bike path that extends the length of the bay.

Marianne hiding behind a tree.

Inside the motel room. The walls are made of naked brick which is a popular technique in Oz.

Little kitchen. You could cook a meal here if you wished.

The motel rooms are pretty basic but they are perfect for a beach area. The ladies who own the place have been there 10 years and they recognize me each time I turn up. It must be my ugly face.

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