Monday, September 24, 2012

The slag heap at Broken Hill

This hill of slag dug up from the mine dominates the town of Broken Hill.

There is an article that explains how the slag heap came about here.

The Broken Earth Cafe that overlooks the town. The food is supposedly the best in town but expensive.

The top of the slag heap is flat and dotted with old mining equipment.

Some of the ground is covered with rocks.

The panoramic view.

Sitting on the gigantic seat.

Usain Bolt gets set for the 100 meters. I must admit I have never seen Marianne in this pose before.

Mother and daughter having a good time on the seat.

The sun is just so strong and bright here, it almost overwhelms my camera.

This would have been the lift that went down the shaft.

Another lift.

Robin takes the train.

The seats were quite comfortable.

Barbed wire. The audio group I belong to is going to run some experiments in late October where we compare speaker cables. I am going to make a set of cables with barbed wire.

It's quite eerie up on top with the old mining equipment lying around. Since there usually is a breeze in the outback, it's also quite windy up here and a bit nippy in the early morning. The temperature variation between maximum and minimum can be quite large in deserts.

The side of the heap. I looked on Google Earth to see how high it is and it appears to be about 150 feet. Broken Hill's elevation is about 1000 feet.