Saturday, September 15, 2012

Urangan Jetty

Since the Urangan Jetty is my favourite spot on Earth, I love to come here when I am in the Brisbane area. This is one of those blogs that I do for my own enjoyment so there are oodles of photos. Feel free to skip most of them.

It's a very popular fishing spot so when the tide is in, there are people fishing all along the jetty.

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The location.

Jelly fish. As I remember, the locals call them 'blue bottles'.

Sunsets are usually pretty spectacular, particularly if there are some clouds about.

The high tide comes almost up to the rocks that protect the shoreline.

At lunch the next day when the tide is out.

Trees that line the foreshore.

An Ibis.

The jetty is built from timber that comes from the nearby Fraser Island. It is some of the hardest wood in the world.

While it is fine to walk on the jetty at high tide, low tide is much more interesting, particularly the sand flats that become exposed. There are zillions of soldier crabs that burrow down into the sand and create these holes and balls of sand. If you click on the photo you might be able to see some of them.

When you come too close, they hide in the sand.

Larger depressions about a foot across. There is probably some thing live buried at the bottom.

One of the tourist boats going out for a whale watching jaunt.

Marianne taking photos. Note the bare feet.

The sand looks dirty but it isn't. It's just wet.

This development to the south interrupted the northward flow of sand so the whole area is quite different now to what it was when I was young. 

Marianne's feet.

Closeup of the sand.

The tide was starting to come in so I was curious how much would disappear in five minutes.

Here is the answer. Robin and I almost got trapped out there on the sand some years ago and we had to wade through several feet of water to reach the shore.

The air is absolutely fresh and clean. It feels wonderful out there with a temperature of about70 degrees.

The wavy sand is quite hard and you definitely notice it when you walk around in bare feet.

Unfortunately the council placed these pipes that convey rain water from the street right next to the jetty.


This couple will soon be getting even more wet.

The patterns are wonderful.

My shadow.

Another tourist boat.

A ladder to help you to safety if you are trapped by the rising tide.

A pelican.

Something that is not a pelican on the next pole.

Fishermen at the end of the jetty.


The water does have a green colour here.

And so it will be another year or two before I come back again. I will probably take the same photos again but I can't help myself. Here is my effort from two years ago.

Although this area is quite different from Robin Hoods Bay near Whitby, they are both wonderful to walk around when it is low tide.

Most Australians have no idea that this magical place exists. Perhaps it is just as well.

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