Saturday, June 1, 2013


We woke to find it was a distinctly gloomy day with a strong wind, not exactly the kind of day to see the centre of Amsterdam so we looked at various guides and found there was a market known as the Dappermarkt a few streets away from where we are staying.

On our way to the market we passed this storky kind of bird. I am sure we will find out the kind of bird it is and I will update the blog.

The market is in a long narrow street about a quarter mile long. Both sides are lined with vendors and it was crowded all along the way. Since it is not in the center of Amsterdam there were very few tourists.

Gouda cheese wheels.

There were not as many food vendors as I expected. Most of the vendors were selling clothes or shoes.

We wondered what kind of fish this was. It looked a bit like salmon but the strips were too long.

We were amused by the rear most label at the back that said Barramundi which is a prized fish found in Australia (as well as parts of South East Asia). 

For three Euros, you can have one of these potato spirals deep fried on a stick. It was pretty good.

Of course there had to be flowers for sale. No tulips however.

One vendor was selling African fabric.

We enjoyed our stroll down the market lane and bought a few things including some sweet rolls. This is one of the advantages of doing a house exchange. You get to see how normal people in your new temporary home live. Here they probably get to see this bird every day.

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  1. I wonder if the bird is a storck (they do have storks in Holland), a crane or a heron. Mainly fish eating birds. They need water or are mostly found around water. Ponds and lakes.
    the long fish are eels. I do not like them at all but a lot of people think they are a delicacy. I am homesick for Amsterdam now, even if I never lived there.