Friday, May 17, 2013

St Bees

My original plans had me arriving at St Bees in the early afternoon and I had planned to start the Coast to Coast walk with a five mile walk around the nearby headland. However the late arrival put that in question.

Once I settled down in the lounge room of Fleatham House, I decided that the walk could wait for tomorrow. I was quite tired after not getting much sleep on the plane.

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The lady at the B and B recommended dinner at the Queens Hotel and made a booking for me at 6 pm. I duly walked down the hill and had the smoked fish and tarragon pie which was pretty good. A pint of Jennings Tom Fool ale went very well with it. They had very fancy beer glasses. The pub had a well lit conservatory and it made a pleasant place to sit and eat. 

Like most English villages and towns, the streets are narrow. When I arrived the on the bus street was jammed with rush hour traffic. Now wonder the bus got stuck.

St Bees is much more hilly than I anticipated. You don't see hills very well on Google Maps.

The train station I never arrived at.

Looking east across the local school's sports field towards the hills and mountains where I will be walking. It was a lovely afternoon in St Bees but it looked a good deal more gloomy further east.

The St Bees Priory. Unfortunately it was closed by the time I arrived.

Looking towards the golf course which is on a hill beside the sea.

The very steep path up to the B&B. At the top, I met the daughter of the house who stated that the walk up had not got any easier over the past twenty years.

The lounge area with my pot of tea on the table. It is all very pleasant welcoming.

A telephoto view of the headland where I will start the walk.

Window as you go upstairs at the B and B.

Bed and bathroom.

before I went to bed about 7:30 pm, I started to work on the photos for the blog. I was so tired I found myself waking up between photos. As expected, I woke up about midnight to actually do the first two blogs and now at 3 am it is time to go back to bed so that I can face the new day well rested.

And after a good nights sleep, here is the breakfast, sideways. The kipper came from Riverside Kippery and was very good.


  1. Ah, the long awaited kipper! as good as Fortune's kippers in Whitby? It all looks very nice.

  2. I shall join you vicariously for this coast to coast walk; quite enjoying both the photos and commentary. I'd have purloined that pint glass with the map on it!

    Are you walking alone, with friends, or an organized group?

  3. I am walking alone but you soon meet people who you meet again along the walk. There is great camaraderie.