Friday, May 27, 2016

A walk around Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh

My friend Larry and I went for a long walk in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh where they live.

It's interesting to look at the regional architecture and this is quite typical of western Pennsylvania.

The house is no longer here but Stephen Foster lived here. He was the composer of several famous American songs such as the Camptown Races, My Old Kentucky Home and Oh Susanna.

Effective use of yellow accents.

In the distance I could see the 1.29 price and I wondered what fuel you could buy for that amount. It turned out to be a different kind off fuel.

The odd shaped extension caught my eye. 

We strolled along a lovely street.

Some of the houses were quite impressive.

Notice the faces on the building. I doubt that I would ever want to live in a big city again but this area of Pittsburgh was quite pleasant.

We then visited a cemetery that will get its own blog.

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