Friday, May 27, 2016

The Rum Room in Pittsburgh

You wouldn't expect to find a rum distillery in Pittsburgh, but there is one just a few blocks from our friend's place.

The actual name of the place is Maggie's Farm Rum and it is located in an industrial area.

My friend Larry lining up for a tasting. The owner is in the background.

The stills and some of the barrels for aging. Instead of distilling molasses, he distills from raw sugar that he sources from Louisiana. We sampled four rums including a spiced rum. My favourite was a version where the tails from the initial distillation are re-distilled and I bought a small bottle for future reference.

The owner was very friendly and answered all my questions. However he did not know that Australia produces sugar including rum. Depending what website you go to, Australia comes in about 9 or 10 in the world.

Did I mention this was an industrial area? The original location of Alcoa is only a few paces from the rum shop.

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