Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pittsburgh to Chicago

We said goodbye to our friends and headed off at 9 am to Chicago.

Somehow we missed taking the photo of the Welcome to Ohio sign.

A lot of turnpike driving with tolls. Fortunately our EZPass worked all the way.

As a break from the turnpikes, we did a detour to Lake Erie at a place called Lorain.

We found a lovely park by the lake.

Lighthouse on the breakwater.

Lunch at a local diner. We both had a perch sandwich which was pretty good.

The drive along the lakeside was pretty good with occasional glimpses of the lake between expensive houses and trees. Eventually we came to Sandusky where there is a bridge over a small bay.

Back onto the turnpike. It's very flat in northern Ohio.

Coming into Indiana.

More hills in Indiana but still a boring ride for the most part.

The sign should say Welcome to Chicago.

Not much traffic as we entered into downtown. It was a traffic jam heading out of town.

Chicago skyline. We are not planning to visit downtown since we are going to be doing a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Oak Park.

Sometime I hop to do a trip across the US by train that will probably pass through Chicago. That is when I will do the downtown.

We wanted to try a Deep Dish Chicago pizza so our airbnb host took us to Lou Malnati's in Oak Park. We had heard conflicting opinions about deep dish pizza but I quite enjoyed it. We ordered a small pizza, suitable for two. I think four people would have trouble finishing it. It was quite tasty and I liked the crust but overall I prefer regular pizza.

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