Monday, July 5, 2010

Back streets in Burnside, Adelaide

We stayed in the Burnside area of Adelaide and one afternoon we took a walk through the back streets.
Burnside has a rather trendy shopping mall and here is an outside area.

Streets are lined with shade trees and are very quiet.

Fences made with brush are quite common. Some have a metal covering.

Others use wrapped brushes to protect the fence.

A particularly elegant house and fence. We thought the white roses went well with the colour of the house.

An older house.

Many houses have sand stone fronts.

Sandstone detail. In the late afternoon sun, this stone can really glow and looks absolutely glorious. Unfortunately, it was a gloomy afternoon, so no glow.

Termites can be a real problem in Oz so here the poles for electricity are made out of steel and concrete.

One of the features of many houses in Adelaide is the use of finials as a roof decoration.

Roundabouts are at every corner which help to slow down the traffic. It's a real pleasure to walk around this area. If you are in Adelaide, or any other city, get off the beaten path and just wander.

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