Monday, July 26, 2010

Sydney - odds and sods

Here is a collection of odds and sods that you might find interesting.

Every day on the way to the train station, we would walk past a shop that sold bathroom stuff. It was expensive stuff but interesting to look at.

The underground train line out of one of the stations.

Perhaps the best of the smaller ferries to go on is the one to Mossman. It goes deep into one of the coves and there are a number of stops.

Sydney walks around with a coffee cup in hand. Here is a coffee shop in one of the small ferry terminals.
The floor in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It is used quite effectively in the beginning of the film, Sirens

Inside the Gallery.

This collection of statues is very powerful. Read about it here.

Inside the Sydney Botanic Gardens. They are pretty good and worthwhile visiting, but they are not the equal of those in Melbourne.

Sin City is a pretty good description of Sydney. Crime and corruption has been part of Sydney's culture for most of it's history.

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