Friday, July 23, 2010

Sydney - Manly Scenic Walk

What a difference a blue sky makes. At last, the weather cleared in Sydney, the sun shone brightly and the sky was a brilliant blue.

We arrived at Circular Quay to be greeted by this large cruise ship. It was only there one day.

The Manly Ferry goes past the Opera House. There are actually two buildings with operas held in the smaller building on the left and symphonic concerts in the larger building on the right. The acoustics in both buildings are not particularly wonderful.

Out on the harbour.

The entrance to the harbour. It's difficult to comprehend that Captain Cook could sail past this huge opening in 1770 without wanting to investigate.

The Esplanade at Manly. In recent years, a colony of little penguins has made a home at the wharf.

In summer this beach would be crowded with people. This is the harbour side beach. There is an ocean side beach a few hundred yards away across the peninsula.

I couldn't help putting this one in.

We had read about the Manly Scenic Walk that follows the harbour from Manly to The Spit, a distance of about 6 miles. Although I have been to Manly many times over the years, I had always just walked across the from the harbour side of Manly to the ocean beach. This walk was quite new for me.

There is a very good pathway to follow and the water is very blue.

It can be quite windy as shown by the lean in this tree.

These days they don't recommend eating fish caught in the harbour because of the pollution caused by industry over the years. However, in this area so close to the ocean, it's probably OK.
The path meanders along the harbour shore.
The shoreline is mostly rocky with occasional sand.
A ferry arriving at Manly. Incidentally, the view from the large white apartment building has to be superb.

The combination of water and rocks is wonderful to photograph.

We walked round a bend and came on this intriguing scene. It's a swimming pool.
These swimming pools are quite common in New South Wales but not in other states. I suspect the reason is that the shoreline in NSW is quite rocky in parts and the rocks provide a good foundation for the pool. The sea water washes over the sides at high tide.
A wave washing down the side of the pool.
As you go deeper into the various coves around the harbour, you come across numerous moored boats. I was intrigued by this houseboat which was out of place with the regular sailing and motor vessels.

One of the nice things about the walk are all the trees along the way. On a hot summer's day the shade would be most welcome. Speaking of shade, the bright sun in Oz gives very dark shadows and yes, because there is less junk in the air in the southern hemisphere, the light is noticeably brighter.
A poinsettia with the bright blue sky.

An interesting pattern in the footpath which continues for quite some way.
This dog joined us for a while. Numerous people were out walking their dogs and this path would be a wonderful place to go for your daily walk. Just hilly enough to get the heart rate up a little.
On and on the walk goes.
A bunch of moored boats. Most seem to be sailing vessels.
Why Manly is called Manly. For the non Aussies, Captain Phillip was the leader of the first fleet that came to Australia in 1788.
Somebody was throwing a stick into the water for their dog to retrieve.
We went as far as this park which is known as the North Harbour Reserve.

It was school holidays, so the kids were out in force with a bunch of Mums and a few Dads. And of course, the barbie was getting a workout.
The carefree days of childhood.
This park was as far as we went, a walk of about two miles. The full walk to the Spit is about 6 miles and some of it is apparently quite hilly. Next time I am in Sydney, I will do the whole thing.
So far, I've shown the harbour views but of course, there are houses and apartments all along the shore as well. Don't ask the price.
Detail of the tile roof.
Most of the walk is right beside the water, but for about two hundred yards, you walk along a street.
The buildings vary in age. This one appeared to be a set of two ultra modern units. The garages were on the roof and had the most wonderful view.

We were intrigued by this turntable for the Vespa.
An interesting gate.
The mysterious path to the letter boxes.
Fortunately, there's not too much high rise like this.
Some of the more interesting modern architecture.
On our way back to the ferry, the pool was being used.
It is always a joy to watch small children with spade in hand enjoying the beach.
Finally, back at the ferry terminal, I came across these kayaks for rent and they looked like a bunch of bananas.  I hope you enjoyed the photos from this walk which has to be one of the most spectacular in the world. Just pick a day when the sky is blue and enjoy.

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