Friday, July 23, 2010

Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Robin took us to her local market at Eveleigh which is held every Saturday, so we took the train to Redfern and walked with her to the nearby market.

Redfern is home to many Aborigines and this is a sign outside the train station.

The Redfern area was once somewhat run down but it is being restored and gentrified. The close proximity to the city makes this location is very attractive.

Row houses like this one are very common in inner Sydney.

Many have cast iron railings.

Some are quite attractive, though the screen door detracts a little.

I liked the contrast.

Eveleigh was famous for it's railway workshops and carriage works. There are still quite a few industrial buildings close to the train line.

I liked the message.

The market. Most of the vendors give out samples so you shouldn't go away hungry.

Walking down into the market.

They left on old pneumatic hammer.

Unfortunately, I had developed a cough and cold and was not feeling too brilliant, so the food in the market did not appeal too much. Next to the market is another old workshop building which I believe are the old carriage works.

It's quite interesting in this other building. Here is a row of columns, but I'm not sure why they are needed.

There's even an ice skating rink inside the building.

Of course there needs to be a hanging sculpture thingy nestled in amongst the old industrial equipment.

We left the market and headed up to the Sydney University on the way to another market on Glebe Point Road. I liked the natural curves of the tree trunks against the rigid lines of the modern building.
Temporary office with a posh name.

Unfortunately we passed a patisserie on Glebe Point Road, or rather I wanted to pass it but wife and daughter went inside.

And came out with this.

This is a Turkish Gozleme. Basically it's a wrap with a filling of spicy meat and spinach. Very tasty.

Making the wrap.

The market is situated in the grounds of the local school and has about 300 stalls selling all sorts of stuff. I presume the school makes money out of having the market which would be a great way to raise money. It seems that 90% of the attendees are female.

Interesting circular cake things and the machine that cooks them.

Mother and daughter share a drink.

On the way back to Robin's flat, we stopped off in the gardens area in front of Sydney University.

Blue sky and clouds. It's hard to complain when it's like this.

That night we were walking up George Street (one of the main city streets) and came across this gem. The photo barely captures the garish colours.

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