Monday, July 26, 2010


With the arrival of Robin's friend, Amanda, from the US we went to Katoomba which is west of Sydney and on the highway over the Blue Mountains.
And here they are with the Three Sisters in the background.

The Sisters are one of Australia's greatest tourist attractions.

The views are tremendous and in the late afternoon, the colours in the rocks can really glow.

The valleys are filled with trees and it is apparently very easy to get lost down there. In winter this can get quite dangerous as it can get below freezing in the area quite often.

Parking at the main overlook is quite expensive so I drove off while the others went to look at the view. Fortunately, I came back quite soon to pick them up because it is very windy and cold out there. The other times I have been there, it has been very windy, so be warned if you go there.

We continued along to Leura where there are more views. It's perhaps nicer to drive around and less touristy than Katoomba.

A cave area. There are a lot of walks in the area, much more than you could do in a day trip.
These appear to be fake cave things and they even have them with toilets inside. It would be interesting to know how they are made.

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